Fern has the ability to touch a range of audiences with her honesty, enthusiasm and positive messages.

If you are organising an event which requires a captivating speaker who will inform, motivate and move your audience, Fern will always deliver a memorable and inspirational talk. 

Fern speaks on a variety of subjects, including those below, or will customise her speaking to meet the requiremnents of your audience.




Self Worth

Fern believes that knowing our worth is the first step to getting everything we want from life. Without feeling confident that we are, (not only enough) but worth a great deal as individuals, with a huge amount to offer the world, we cannot truly make the best of ourselves. When we are not comfortable with our own value, we become extremely susceptible to allowing life events, specific situations and the opinions of others to define us and our chances of happiness, fulfillment and success. Fern speaks candidly about her own experience in this area and just how deeply this issue has affected her throughout her own life. Through this, she hopes to inspire others to understand their worth more fully and treat themselves with the same dignity, respect and compassion which they would expect from other people.


With a degree in Communication from Western Carolina University and a whole lot of life experience in the area, Fern speaks on how important it is to communicate effectively with one another. Fern believes that many of life’s most common misconceptions and misunderstandings simply come down to a lack of communication. Fern talks about the negative emotions which this can produce in people, such as stress, anxiety, fear and doubt and how easy it is to transform these into positive feelings, simply through working on how we engage with those around us. Fern demonstrates how crucial interpersonal communication can be in all kinds of life’s most challenging situations.

Fern’s Secret

Fern speaks about how we all have “secrets” or parts of ourselves and our lives, which we can be cautious about sharing. Fern often shocks audiences with a secret she has tried her best to keep for years - the fact that she herself has a disability. This often comes as a complete surprise, as up until this reveal, it usually goes by totally unnoticed. Fern believes that this is mainly down to the fact that she has taught herself so many ways to keep the secret throughout her life, as so many people do with their own insecurities. Fern makes it her mission, not to tell people that everyone is equal, but instead to prove it to them, using their own life experiences and emotional values. She speaks on the importance of embracing all the parts of who you are - the good and the bad - in the hopes that we can ultimately remind ourselves that we have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide.


The fee for each of the above speeches is £100 and each speech will last one hour, including Q and As