Fern offers a range of educational programmes for both primary and secondary schools. These cover a variety of issues which affect students of all ages. Speaking from her own experience as a blind girl growing up while attending manistream school, Fern will engage your students and change their perspectives, giving them the knowledge and strategies to safeguard their own mental, emotional and social well-being.

#1 Mental, Emotional and Social Well-Being Programme

Want to give your students a unique learning experience?   The chance to explore the meaning and importance of social and emotional well-being with a young woman who can really engage your students?  Fern can use her experiences of growing up while losing her sight to give children and young adults the understanding and skills they need to manage their own well-being.  Fern will share her knowledge and personal experience of

  • Facing and overcoming challenges

  • Discrimination and prejudice

  • Low self-esteem, depression and anxiety

  • Body image issues and eating disorders

  • Bullying and cyber bullying

  • Fact v Opinion

  • Disability and insecurities

  • Peer pressure

  • The dangers of Social Media

Your students will benefit from

  • Better understanding of the importance of social and emotional well-being

  • Improved motivation and aspirations

  • Being better equipped to face challenges and learning skills to overcome them

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Learning about tolerance and inclusion

  • Strategies for managing bullying and peer pressure

  • Knowing when to get help from someone else

  • Putting themselves in the shoes of a disabled or vulnerable person

  • Being able to make positive changes in their lives and that of the people around th

Your school will benefit from

  • Students who can better manage their own emotional well-being

  • More motivated students with positive goals

  • A more tolerant and supportive school community

  • Students with higher aspirations and ambitions

  • Students who know when and how to get help

Fern will be accompanied by her guide dog Nancy, who will show your students the real meaning of unconditional love!

Please contact Fern to discuss your school's needs and she will devise a tailor made programme to suit your required topics, student numbers, budget and duration etc.

Experiencing Visual Impairment Programmes

These programmes allow the students to experience what it is like to have various levels of visual impairment using top of the range simulation glasses. Working in pairs, the programmes can cater for up to 30 students.

#2 Blindness and Vision Impairment Workshop – One Hour

  1. Introduction by Fern with her guide dog Nancy

  2. Information about blindness and visual impairment

  3. Visual Impairment Simulation Glasses exercises in pairs or individually

  4. Class Discussion


#3 Blindness and Visual Impairment Workshop – Two Hours


  1. Introduction by Fern with her guide dog Nancy

  2. What do you know about blindness and visual impairment? – Quiz

  3. Information about Blindness and Visual Impairment

  4. What can you do to support a person with Visual Impairment?

  5. Visual Impairment Simulation Glasses exercises in pairs or individually

  6. Class Discussion and Question

#4 How to Guide a Visually Impaired Person - One Hour

Did you know – if a person has dropped the harness onto their guide dog’s back, it could be a sign that they need assistance?

If you see a visually impaired person who appears to need assistance, offer it - don’t leave it to someone else!

  1. Introduction by Fern with her guide dog Nancy

  2. Information on how to guide someone who is visually impaired

  3. Exercises wearing the simulation glasses in pairs (there must be one sighted person in each pair)

  4. Discussion and Questions


#5 Experiencing  Life With Visual Impairment - One Hour

Using the simulation glasses, this programme will give your students a unique experience to see the world in a different way and will encourage tolerance and empathy amongst young people for those with disabilities.

  1. Introduction by Fern with her guide dog Nancy

  2. Students experience using the 10 different simulation glasses. Each pair of glasses represents a different level of sight loss or eye condition. These can be discussed while the students try them on.

  3. In pairs (or singly depending on numbers) choose one pair of glasses and try these exercises while wearing them, taking turns if in pairs.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity for your students, either as a one hour lesson, or part of a longer programme, please contact Fern to discuss your requirements.


"When it comes to motivational speaking, Fern is brilliant. Not only is she engaging to a people of various ages, her positivity is also infectious. She speaks about her own experiences enthusiastically and answers all questions with honesty. I was blown away listening to Fern speak of her journey and how much she has overcome. She is a true, motivational role model and she definitely reminded me to look for all the great things in life; smile through the hard times and remember that I can overcome anything with the right mind-set. Thank you Fern!"


Shanade Johnson,

(Future First helps state schools and colleges to build alumni communities. Former students return as career and education role models and mentors.)