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There is no doubt that feelings of anxiety and insecurity has left staff wellbeing in a fragile state.

The changes you will have to make in the coming months will only add to these fears, meaning now more than ever good staff engagement, positive relationships and being part of a supportive team can be the difference between success and failure for your business.

Fern will show your employees that change can be a positive challenge and that we all have the potential to meet and overcome this and any other challenges which present themselves in both their work and in their personal lives. 

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We live in an age of unprecedented change.  Are you worried that your business will be left behind in the race to adapt?  Fern can help!

Many businesses make the mistake of believing that simply implementing a new computer system or streamlining their processes is all that is needed to stay ahead in today's competitive environment.  But unless you achieve "people change" too, your investment will be wasted.


After an extremely difficult period for the whole world, we are facing challenges, both personally and professionally. What looked like a winning strategy yesterday could look like a recipe for disaster today. Now more than ever, when expectations and demands are increasingly high, it is imperative for organisations to approach challenges from a place of confidence and enthusiasm, rather than friction and fear.  Fern can help!


In order to feel engaged, your employees need to believe that their organisation listens to them, values them as individuals and acknowledges their unique talents and strengths.  An engaged team is a winning team!  But how do you achieve engagement in these times of massive change and challenges? 


Living with sight loss has taught Fern the importance of positive relationships and the mistakes employers make that lead to tensions rather than engagement. Fern would love to engage with you to share what she has learned!


By its very nature, engagement involves forming and maintaining effective relationships throughout your organisation – between leaders and their teams and within the teams themselves. This enables strong commitment to your values and goals.


Are challenges such as bullying, staff mental health and conflict between teams or individuals draining time, energy and innovation from your organisation?  


Drawing on a lifetime’s experience of living with sight loss, Fern has a deep understanding of the importance of interpersonal communication to achieve productive relationships and team-work.  She has personal experience of how bad relationships occur and the misery they cause as well as the joy and success of forming great relationships.  Fern would love to share her knowledge with you.

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