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Fern Lulham is a compelling speaker, broadcaster and trainer, who promotes the need for constructive and supportive relationships. She is registered blind and has had to overcome many challenges in her life, both personal and professional.

Fern has delivered speeches to a range of audiences, including a TEDx talk. She energises, enthuses and educates her listeners with thought-provoking and stimulating content.

Fern offers a range of programmes for both teachers and students at primary and secondary level, available as in-person keynotes or interactive webinars.






"When it comes to motivational speaking, Fern is brilliant. Not only is she engaging to a people of various ages, her positivity is also infectious. She speaks about her own experiences enthusiastically and answers all questions with honesty. I was blown away listening to Fern speak of her journey and how much she has overcome. She is a true, motivational role model and she definitely reminded me to look for all the great things in life; smile through the hard times and remember that I can overcome anything with the right mind-set. Thank you Fern!"


Shanade Johnson,

(Future First helps state schools and colleges to build alumni communities. Former students return as career and education role models and mentors.)                                                                               

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