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Whenever Fern speaks at an event or training day, Nancy is never far behind. Fern has been working in partnership with her adorable yellow labrador guide dog, Nancy since March 2018 - and Nancy has been busy melting hearts that whole time! Nancy was born in Tolster, a small town in the UK and was the smallest puppy of a litter of 11! In fact, weighing in at just 23kg fully grown, Nancy is still often assumed to be not much more than a puppy to this day! Despite this, Nancy was the first of all of her brothers and sisters to qualify as Fern's guide dog just 18 months after being born on the 10th of October 2016.

Nancy was trained at the Maidstone branch of Guide Dpgs in Kent and she has always been a live-wire. While her fellow trainee guide dogs would sleep in the office, Nancy would always be sat bolt upright on high alert for anything remotely exciting to happen. These early signs of character have followed through her life, as Nancy has grown into a very loyal guide dog, but also a very playful pup!

This lovely little labrador loves nothing more than playing with toys, eating carrots and cuddling up for an early night in. Fern had previously been matched with two other dogs, but unfortunately, they both walked too slowly for her! This is certainly not the case with Nancy, whose pocket-sized build allows her to scoot along at top speed and still have energy for fetch when she gets home!

There was one phrase which kept cropping up time and time again amongst the trainers of this charismatic labrador, "Nancy loves life." She is a happy, upbeat, positive presence who perfectly compliments Fern and solidifies the hope in all of the duo's motivational speaking and training. While Fern covers the words, Nancy just has to sit there and look beautiful and everyone goes away feeling far better as a result!

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