“The one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now – at least – is to hone your communication skills”.  These are the words of someone who should know; legendary entrepreneur and billionaire, Warren Buffett.  Another billionaire, none other than Richard Branson, agrees.  He says, “Today, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you also have to be a storyteller”.

Increasingly, the ability to improve your public and personal speaking skills is becoming a vital ingredient to success.  Whether you are at a job interview, making a speech to a large audience, or simply trying to get your point of view across to a friend, your speaking skills are likely to be the difference between success and failure.  Yet few people take action to develop these skills.  This can be as costly as turning up for an interview for your dream job in dirty jeans and a ripped T-shirt!

Learning to be a great communicator could be the best investment you will ever make.  Fern can help!  Using her experience as a TEDx speaker, prize winning public speaker and award winning radio presenter, she can give you the tools and techniques to make you stand out from the crowd.


Learn how to:-

  • structure speeches to engage your audience;

  • make a lasting impact;

  • say more by saying less;

  • use humour appropriately;

  • speak with confidence;

  • speak persuasively;

Fern will help you to grow as a speaker in a safe, supportive environment.


The fee for one hour's 1:1 training is £50.00


Contact her now to discuss your requirements.