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What if nobody wants me? What if I fall for someone and then they leave? Does everyone play dating games? Trust me, these are all questions I have asked myself before too. Dating is tough - but YOU are tougher!


Why go to a relationship coach?


Information, opinions and advice from well-meaning friends or family members rarely lead to the long lasting changes you need to kick start your dating success. Speaking to a coach provides you with a safe and secure environment in which you can explore the underlying causes of your relationship struggles and find a way to move forward.


Why me?


Having been a blind young woman trying to navigate dating apps and meet someone special, I understand what it’s like to have insecurities and the fear and experience of being pre-judged or harshly rejected all too well. 


Together, we will start to change your thinking on this, getting to the core of the issue, instead of simply remedying one single dating dilemma at a time. I can help you get clarity on what you want out of a relationship, grow confidence in yourself, develop your communication skills and attract the loving partner you deserve.


But most importantly, you will learn to trust in yourself and your own decisions. 


It's time to take back control, forget the games and second-guessing, lose the angst and anxiety and create positive changes in your love life. 


If you are sick of ambiguity, inconsistency and feeling stuck in the same old, exhausting cycles of dating despair, why not contact me for a free consultation? Let's have a chat and start to turn things around! 



If you need any more convincing that I know how you feel, check out my TEDx Talk, "What Online Dating Looks Like When You're Blind"!

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