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Available as in-person keynotes or interactive webinars


The young people you care for face pressures every day and, for some, these will seem overwhelming.


Using the knowledge and experience she has gained since being a troubled 15 year old, suffering from an eating disorder and with deteriorating eyesight, Fern will shock and amaze your students while instilling in them the need for positive relationships and empathy.


Want to give your students a unique learning experience?   The chance to explore the meaning and importance of social and emotional well-being with a young woman who can really engage your students?  Fern uses her experiences of growing up while losing her sight to give children and young adults the understanding and skills they need to manage their own well-being. 


Fern will share her knowledge and personal experience of:

  • Facing and overcoming challenges

  • Disability, discrimination and prejudice

  • Low self-esteem, depression and anxiety

  • Body image issues and eating disorders

  • Bullying and cyber bullying 

  • Peer pressure and the power of social media​

Your students will benefit from:

  • The ability to build positive relationships

  • Improved motivation and aspirations

  • Being better equipped to face challenges and learning skills to overcome them

  • Better understanding of the importance of social and emotional well-being

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Learning about tolerance and empathy 

  • Strategies for managing bullying and peer pressure

  • Knowing when to get help from someone else


Your school will benefit from:

  • Students who can better manage their own emotional well-being

  • Students who value and nurture positive relationships

  • Better motivated students with higher aspirations and positive goals

  • A more tolerant and supportive school community


Fern will be accompanied by her guide dog Nancy, who will show your students the real meaning of unconditional love!


Born severely visually impaired, and now registered blind, Fern's story will inspire and invigorate your students. In her uniquely relatable style, Fern will share with your students how her childhood hopes and dreams were shattered as the challenges of losing her sight affected her deeply while she was attending a mainstream secondary school. The story of those dark days and the journey back into the light will captivate, motivate but above all educate, and leave them with new perspectives on life.


Fern will help your students to:


  • Identify the challenges they face  

  • Develop strategies to overcome adversity

  • Deal with anxiety and stress

  • Know when and how to ask for help


Fern will generate both laughter and tears from your students. In her own powerful and engaging way, she will explain, not only how she found the strength to overcome adversity, but how by building positive relationships, every one of your students can too.


Are you looking for a new approach to tackle bullying in your school? Someone who can make every one of your students think hard about what it means to be a bully and how every single person plays a part in putting a stop to it?


Growing up with the challenge of being blind, Fern understands the truly devastating effect bullying can have, both emotionally and physically. Her words will surprise and shock your students. Fern will redefine the term ‘Bully’; a bully can be your worst enemy or sometimes even your best friend.


Fern will persuade your students to:


  • Take responsibility for their own actions

  • Think about the consequences of their behaviour on themselves and others

  • Choose to be kind, both on and offline

  • Ask for help when needed

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