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Available as in-person keynotes or interactive webinars



If you could give a young person a gift, what would it be?

Thinking back to her teenage self, suffering from an eating disorder and with deteriorating eyesight, the most precious gift Fern believes she could have been given then was support from someone who could recognise her fears, someone willing to help her meet those challenges and not be beaten.

As someone who works with young people, you are well placed to identify students who are vulnerable and living with extraordinary challenges. You can be the key to unlock the potential in these students by helping them to access the support they need right now and to gain the tools they will need to meet challenges in their future lives.

Fern will give you astonishing insight into her life, facing blindness and shocking prejudice which will give you a new perspective on vulnerability and how you can be the key to a better future for your students and for you.



Positive relationships, both personal and public, are paramount to your well-being and to the quality of your life. The way you connect and communicate with others is a learnt skill, through observation and experience. It is an essential tool for success and for a good quality of life at work and at home. Connection with other people is more important now than ever before and good communication skills are the key to success. Learn how to develop those skills and how to grow healthy and productive relationships, starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

As a bonus, you are in a powerful position because your relational behaviour also presents as a model to your students, especially those who have no healthy models outside school. By demonstrating the power of positive relationships, you can inspire your students to see the value to themselves of empathy and tolerance and working with others. So get up there and show them how it’s done – be a supermodel!



Born severely visually impaired, and now registered blind, Fern's story will inspire and invigorate you and your team. Fern shares with you how her childhood hopes and dreams were shattered as the physical and emotional challenges of losing her sight affected her deeply as a young adult. The story of those dark days and the journey back into the light will captivate, motivate but above all educate, and leave you with new perspectives on life. 


Fern will generate both laughter and tears. In her own powerful, but relatable way, she will explain, not only how she found the strength to overcome adversity, but how by building positive relationships, you can too.

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