Fern Lulham is a captivating, inspirational and vibrant motivational speaker. She speaks with honesty and passion, covering topics such as self-confidence, self-worth, the power of communication, working together and the importance of sharing our emotional experiences.

Fern has a unique, upbeat and entertaining style that resonates with all audiences. Talking from her own experience, Fern can reach out and touch every single person. She believes strongly in altering perspectives and encouraging value and belief in ourselves.

Fern is honoured to have been selected to be a TEDx speaker at Kingston Upon Thames, where she received a standing ovation.


Fern has spoken at a variety of events including;

  • TEDx Kingston Upon Thames 11th Januuary 2020

  • the Local Enterprise Partnerships Women Leaders Event 2019 at the QE2 Centre London

  • the Aniridia Network UK Conference 2018 in London

  • Disability Confident events throughout the south of England

  • Universities and schools

  • Social clubs and private groups.



"What a fantastic speech from you - really impressive and hugely motivational. You are an inspiration!"

                                                          Alok Sharma MP, Minister of State for Employment, March 2019


"An amazing inspirational speaker"           Julie Ann Williams, Disability Confident Engagement Manager

"Fern has the most extraordinary energy - seriously. A real pleasure to meet - listen out for her on the airwaves..."                       Simon Bucknall, Runner Up in 2017 World Championship of Public Speaking

"When it comes to motivational speaking, Fern is brilliant. Not only is she engaging to a people of various ages, her positivity is also infectious. She speaks about her own experiences enthusiastically and answers all questions with honesty. I was blown away listening to Fern speak of her journey and how much she has overcome. She is a true, motivational role model and she definitely reminded me to look for all the great things in life; smile through the hard times and remember that I can overcome anything with the right mind-set. Thank you Fern!"                                                                                 Shanade Johnson, FutureFirst

"Fern gave us lots to think about and reflect upon. A great start to our 2018 programme!"      Uckfield Divas

"For anyone facing challenges, and we all do, this speech will encourage and motivate you to reach for the stars. Well done Fern, you are an excellent speaker and you are going to change the world."

Bold Blind Beauty


"Fern Lulham gave a fantastic, uplifting and positive speech about living with aniridia, which inspired everybody in the room. It was great to finally meet her in person."

Lyn Buller, Aniridia Network UK Conference 2018

Contact: www.fernlulham.com or email fernlulham@gmail.com